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Fab Four Sampler

Fab Four Sampler

Try Them All!

Our Fab Four Sampler includes a special trial-size pack of each of our delicious offerings—enough to brew a full pot of coffee. Each pack holds about 2.5oz.

Ethiopia is a medium light roast that lets its citrus notes shine through while still delivering a rich taste. Our other single-origin coffees, Nicaragua and Guatemala, are true medium roasts with smooth, beautifully balanced flavors. Our Dark Roast is a delicious craft blend, strong and velvety but without any charred aftertaste.

Once you find a favorite (or four!), subscribe—you’ll never run out of great coffee again.

$18.00 total


When you subscribe, you're not just helping our farmers in the most impactful way possible. You're also making sure you never run out of our delicious coffee.  Select any of our coffees and choose the subscribe option.

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